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  The IEB provides Umalusi accredited examinations in all subjects recognised in the NSC for the schools that are registered with it.

Facts about the IEB NSC:
  • The IEB uses the South African national curriculum which is regulated by the Department of Basic Education.
  • The IEB NSC is quality assured by Umalusi which is the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education.
  • The IEB NSC is an internationally benchmarked qualification and is equivalent to Cambridge AS level.
The IEB produces consistent, reliable results in the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate: Average
  • Average pass rate is between 97% and 98%
  • Pass with entry to degree study, between 78% and 80%
A study carried out at the University of Cape Town in 2008 noted that:
  • 25% of first degree graduates at UCT in 2007 came from IEB schools
  • On average over a 3 year period, the throughput rate of learners from IEB schools was 98%
The IEB assesses the following NSC subjects for all IEB and State schools:
  • All non-official languages i.e. Arabic, French, German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Latin, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and Mandarin from 2018.
  • Equine Studies
  • Nautical Science
  • Maritime Economics
  • Sports and Exercise Science 

IEB Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy option

Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy may not be offered together as part of the 7-subject package for the NSC.  However a learner may offer an 8th subject in the NSC and there is no indication that the 8th subject may not be either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.  The IEB has encouraged schools to try and keep learners offering Mathematics for as long as possible. However many decide at the end of Grade 11 to drop Mathematics and take up Mathematical Literacy instead. We believe that the most common reasons why learners replace Mathematics with Mathematical Literacy are:
  • Fear of failing Mathematics and possibly, in the process, failing the NSC.
  • Fear of getting less than 50% in Mathematics and hence not qualifying for a BD pass.
  • Fear of not achieving a sufficiently high admission points score (APS) to enter university or their choice of study.

The IEB has encouraged schools to keep borderline learners offering Mathematics particularly when they have even the smallest chance of passing it. However they should in addition encourage these learners to offer Mathematical Literacy as an 8th subject.

Over the past 4 years (2013 to 2016) 2927 candidates have followed this option (approximately 730 per year) and just 5 candidates over the full 4-year period have failed both Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy, while on average 50% per year passed Mathematics with 40% and higher.  The main purpose of this process is to retain learners offering Mathematics who may have changed to Mathematical Literacy at the start of their Grade 12 year.  Only one of the subjects will appear on the certificate and should the learner pass Mathematics, that is normally the subject selected for certification. Should the learner also pass Mathematical Literacy, s/he will receive a subject certificate.   

Note: From Grade 12 in 2019, this option is not available to learners offering Physical Sciences because Mathematics is a compulsory subject offering.

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IEB - Assessment Matters
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