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  MATCH (Measuring Abilities and Thinking Competencies for High School) is a benchmarking opportunity aimed specifically at Grade 7 learners. It is intended to provide primary schools with an independent assessment of their Grade 7 learners’ preparedness for high school in terms of both academic proficiency and the necessary skills base needed for continued success at high school level.

Comments from participating schools:
  • “Comprehensive, interesting and relevant”.
  • “Very excited about the future of MATCH. I think it is definitely going to become an invaluable tool which will assist me as a teacher in getting my pupils ready for an IEB high school”
  • “Loved the integration of maths, English, graphical and thinking skills”
  • “Well designed and a valuable tool to assess learners of this phase”

MATCH Dates and Focus

While MATCH is rooted in the CAPS requirements, it also aims to test a learner’s understanding of key concepts and their ability to apply these concepts in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts. It is intended to be a true assessment that focuses on the essential skills and the application of knowledge, skills and attitudes required by today’s learner.

MATCH will be written at schools on 24 May 2017. The assessment will consist of two papers. The first paper will be a knowledge-based paper of one hour's duration focusing primarily on mathematics and language concepts. This is a multiple-choice paper. The second paper is two hours long. It is a skills and application paper of an interdisciplinary nature focused on those skills expected from a 21st-century learner. Some of these skills are outlined in the diagram below and, amongst others, include creativity, visual literacy, communication skills, problem-solving and critical thinking.


The cost of participating in MATCH this year is R170,00 per learner. This fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Marking and Reporting

Marking of scripts will be done externally by an IEB-appointed marking team at a central venue from 9 – 12 June 2017. The reports issued to participating schools are varied including individual learner reports, school reports and a question by question analysis. These will measure schools’ achievements against the entire IEB cohort that participated. MATCH has the potential to highlight areas of both strength and weakness at Grade 7 level providing a focus for professional development, examination of learning programmes and also providing a vehicle for strengthening communication between primary and high schools.

What do schools who wish to participate need to do?

Schools interested in participating in MATCH 2017 must register their learners by 20 March 2017. Learners can be registered on the IEB online website. Should a school have any further queries, they may contact Tebogo Mahatlane.

MATCH is part of the Primary School Initiative (psi)

To find out more, go to our psi page or contact Michele Botha.

IEB - Assessment Matters
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