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November 2017 Online marking makes successful local debut in IEB schools
Confronting our rigid refusal to look at ourselves
June 2017

Comments on the U21 ranking of National Higher Education Systems 2017
He who is reluctant to recognize me opposes me – Frantz Fanon
French pupils give Meals on Wheels a push

November Special Edition 2016 So you have completed Grade 12? What now?
University rankings: The South African institutions
Studying outside the country
October 2016 IAEA Conference 2016
The problem of parity
The challenge of reliable resuts in Life Orientation
The mandatory offering of Mathematics with Accounting and/or Physical Sciences
May 2016 The Intentional Educational Beliefs of the IEB
Incremental Introduction of African Languages
Coordination of calendar dates
November 2015 The Primary School Initiative
June 2015 Meet the Board 2015
September 2014 One Research Task Project (ORTP)
June 2014 The IEB Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy project: 2013
September 2013 Piloting new initiatives at the IEB
June 2013 Computer-based assessment: An IEB pilot project
Advanced Programme English is declared comparable to GCE A level
Grade 11 IeBT Benchmarking test in Mathematics and Physical Sciences
IEB Directors of Maths Day
The IEB is fully accredited
March 2013 Art competition
October 2012 It is not so much what you report that matters, but how you report it: The dilemma of Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy
June 2012 supplement South African IEB schools are world class
June 2012 Assessment of the NSC for learners studying through distance education
IEB School breaks new ground using technology in education
Why do an Advanced Programme - the learner voice
The iPad has an app for just about anything but not for good teaching
May 2012 Communities of Practice
Electronic clusters or e-clusters
Making cluster meetings meaningful
The Cluster Report Manager (CRM)
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