The General Education and Training Certificate for Adults (GETC) is equivalent to an NQF Level 1 qualification. Obtaining this qualification allows learners access to learnership programmes offered from NQF Level 2 onwards.

In order to obtain the GETC qualification at Level 1, learners need to be deemed competent in the following learning areas:




  • Communication in English
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation*
  • Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises*
  • Natural Sciences*

The following two electives can ONLY be written in November: 

  • Human and Social Sciences
  • Economic and Management Sciences

* Offered at the June and November National examinations


The IEB offers national examinations in Communication in English and Mathematical Literacy NQF 1 in June and November as well as examinations on request in March and September.

Download the AET Information Booklet

Download the Exam Event Form here

Placement Assessments

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the learning process, it is recommended that the centre correctly identifies each learner’s entry level before starting the AET learning programme. To facilitate this process, the IEB offers placement assessments aligned to the exit level of the applicable unit standards.


Cost of Placement

NQF  1 - 4

R217 per learner per learning area

Placement Assessment: report per learner


Placement Assessment: report per learner after marking


The above fees include VAT


For further assistance, please contact Sandile Buthelezi on 011 4839700 or e-mail AET Assessments