Assessment / Primary School Initiative


The Primary School Initiative (psi) aims to broaden the awareness of the importance of good teaching and assessment practices at the primary school level. Started in 2015, there are currently more than 140 psi schools in Southern Africa.  

An IEB psi primary school identifies itself as a South African school with its learning rooted in CAPS, while firmly maintaining global standards. It has a commitment to valid, authentic assessment and wants to build a strong relationship with the IEB through participation in IEB assessments and workshops.  psi school is committed to producing a learner who is future ready.

psi offers primary schools a variety of benchmarking opportunities. These provide rich feedback to teachers and can be used to identify the conceptual and learning weaknesses of individual learners as well as areas of weaknesses that are common across the class, phase or school. This data can then be used in planning further professional development.

Being part of the psi network provides member schools with preferential pricing on workshops, conferences and the full range of psi assessment opportunities. 

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